Hello world!

Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at ‘blogging’ and I am not even sure if it is for me.  Feels strange, yet nice to put all my feelings into one place that is my own.  Under introduction, you can read about the begening of my journey and what has made me who I am today.

I have decided to add a few posts from my facebook page that I posted while we were embarking on our journey into our new normal.  It has, in  a sense been my therapy, I was unaware how I used it as an outlet until I stopped to think about our past year and what it entailed.

Below is my first entry I made from my facebook page the day Kinzie was diagnosed.  It was September 22, 2010.  The day our lives changed.  The day I began to mourn the loss of a ‘perfectly’ healthy daughter.

“so here we are…kinzie was admitted to the hospital~mild case of DKA…she has been diagnosed with diabetes. Has been one crazy nasty day but on a good note we are on the right path, and we can get her to feeling better.  thank God for good supportive family and friends.  KINZIE IS DOING GREAT! And will only be a short stay to get her sugars and lab work back on track.  did i mention this is not fun??”

My comment was followed with 20 or so comments from friends and family.  People who stopped for a moment to share their love for my daughter.  People I will always be greatful for. People I admire.

In the early hours of the following morning, after being up all night monitoring my daughter, refusing to leave her side for even one second, I posted the following…

“I find myself sitting here in total admiration of our wonderful amazing family and friends.   My eyes seem to continue to swell with tears I have to choke back through this whole ordeal. Your thoughtfulness, visits,calls, prayers, gifts, advice and support have truly filled our hearts and strengthen our spirits which I HAVE NO WORDS FOR OTHER THAN WE ARE SO THANKFUL, OVERWHELMED AND HUMBLED BY YOUR ACTIONS.”

To this day, I get chocked up reading this. It is true. We were surrounded by family, friends and loved ones.  We had countless visits.  Kinzie’s room was flooded with gifts, visitors and well wishes. No one had to ask these people to visit us, think about us or pray for us.  They just did.  They were amazing.  They were our light when we were at the bottom of a tunnel trying to navigate through the unknown.  We love them.


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