Diabetic Alert Dogs

UPDATE: We truly feel as though we chose the wrong D.A.D. Organization and paid over 20k to train our own dog PROPERLY. I wouldn’t recommend them and if you are looking into a Service dog research all organizations, they shouldn’t cost 20k (especially without papers, a set training protocol, or verification of birthdate, parents of dog and temperament testing. Do your homework. Ask for all contractual agreements before you pay a penny to any organization. Search for successful working adult dog teams, look at success rate TGAT CAN BE PROVEN not just lavish words and big promises a scammer throws at you. Ask tough questions, look at their track records with attorney general offices and better business bureau. Make the dream they are selling is what they are consistently delivering! Be cautious.


I cannot hold it in any longer! I am so excited about our next ‘goal’.  We have finally made a commitment to get a D.A.D (diabetic alert dog).  Since day 1 of diagnosis I have researched and researched and researched about D.A.Ds but have been too scared to look into it and raise the funds. They really are remarkable creatures! Raising the funds for the dog will be a challenge…but I am always up for a challenge.  So shoot me ideas and thoughts on fundraisers, getting donations, ideas, etc. Refer people to my blog, the more traffic, the more attention we can get and that may mean more funds, ideas, donations and all that jazz!

If you haven’t ever spent time looking at service dogs, you ought to look around at all the different services available.  The first diabetic dog was placed (I think) in 2003, so it is a fairly new trend. There are dramatic improvements in safety of diabetics with D.A.D and improvements in A1C (which decreases the chances of further organ damage).  We finally may have a bit of a peace of mind thinking about the future…teenage years, driving, night time, college years. Oy! I get paralyzed with fear just thinking about it.

Dogs are trained to pick up rising and falling blood glucose, picking it up at least 30 minutes before even the meter.  They are tailor trained to fit the needs of the diabetic (type 1 or type 2) and the family.  These little furry friends are trained to alert the diabetic to the rising and falling of blood glucose (and if the diabetic doesn’t respond to alert another person in the house), trained to bring glucometer to the person, open fridge and get a juice, locate and bring glucagon kit and even call 911 if the diabetic is unresponsive and no one else around and so much more.  Can you imagine!?!?! Just another line of safety made available to diabetics (the invisible disease).

A friend of mine recently got a D.A.D and her stories she share are absolutely amazing, I cry every time I read her stories because it rings all to true to me.  Her stories inspire me and give me great hope for my daughter.  She is a successful healthy mother, woman, and wife and hasn’t let diabetes stop her.  She was the final driving force in our decision to take this gigantic step.

So until there is a cure…there is a dog! So join me my friends and let’s celebrate this next endeavor.  Pass the word along and give me ideas!  Guardian Angel Service Dogs (Warren Retrievers) is who we are matching up with.  Their organization is non-profit so it can be claimed on taxes as a gift/donation so any idea for any type of fundraiser is welcomed!  I will be sure to update on this exciting news (well, exciting for us) soon with more of the organizations information that we are working with.  This will be a completely new journey for us…and a positive one at that!


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