Surrounded with love, this post is for you.

Ready to write another ‘blog’ I was flooded with ideas of things I have wanted to write about (and they just keep coming…I keep thinking I need to keep a notebook nearby to jot down them as they come to me).  I kept trying to write about so many things, but never got very far because my mind kept wandering back to how much I (we, my family and I) feel loved in this exact moment.  Boy, I knew I have always been surrounded by amazing people…but when needed you all sure step right up to the plate.

You amaze me, your love, concern, hope, generosity, thoughts, prayers, shares….well, it overwhelms me.  I cannot fully express my feelings right now for fear that I wouldn’t do them justice.  I only wish that every type 1 diabetic and type 1 diabetic family (or anyone with a chronic illness for that matter) was as surrounded by strength as we are (wouldn’t that be fantastic?).


I was talking to my mom yesterday and just started to cry. I couldn’t hold it in because I had this sense of joy and peace flood over me from these past few days. I know that everyone who knows Kinzie loves her (and they love my family too), but was astonished how many people are willing to advocate for her as if she were their child; So many people willing to go through this journey with us.

 I can honestly say that since our journey into type 1 has begun I have not had a single moment where I felt completely alone.  There has always been at least one person there who is willing to sacrifice for us, pray with us, and carry our burdens.  That is amazing considering this journey started well over a year ago. You are the examples I look up to, you kept me going when I thought I couldn’t and let us all know that we matter to you. 

I started looking into D.A.D’s less than a week after Kinzie was diagnosed.  I felt that in a perfect world I would be able to provide her a diabetic alert dog…but knew that this world indeed is not perfect.  I mentioned it to a few people on and off this past year, and not one person offered a negative word.  They were as excited as I was, and knew the blessings it could bring into our lives. They encouraged me to keep looking into it.

I am not sure what sparked the events this past week, but I have felt a surge of passion (or maybe it was just my energy returning after having a baby) jolt through me. I was inspired to just bite the bullet and start my blog…and it was met with such amazing feedback.  I am not sure if it was a continued surge of passion or just the love and support I was feeling from everyone…but I knew we could get Kinzie a D.A.D.  I didn’t question it or give it a second thought.  Goal set…I took off and you all backed me 100%.  I love you, everything you do for us; but you never ask for anything in return. You are inspiring.

I couldn’t sleep last night…it was unfortunate too, because we had a decent blood glucose night with only 2 checks!  Figures! I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t turn off my mind.  I am so excited for Kinzie and just so completely in awe. When called to task, you listen to where you are needed and step up.  When asked to serve, you serve lovingly and willingly.  When asked to listen, you do, without preoccupation.  How can I ever repay that? I only hope my children witness this and it sets a fire in their hearts to be better people because that is what they have seen, not because someone is watching them.  

In less than a year our family will be blessed with a wonderful gift. It still feels like a dream, something I thought was years and years away, if it was even possible.  I haven’t told Kinzie how soon we will be getting a dog (do please keep that in mind J ) but she knows we are fundraising for a diabetic alert dog and is beyond thrilled. she has been asking for one since the beginning (but chilled with the pleading once I told her they were the price of a small car).  I think about the little things this small creature will be able to do for us and I get goosebumps, because much of what a diabetic alert dog does has to do with my greatest fears when it comes to Kinzie. 

So my friends, instead of an inspiring, funny, informative or witty post I leave you with this one.  Dedicated to you for every little thing you have done and are doing for us.  I acknowledge the sacrifices you make, the prayers you have said and or stories you have shared.  From the depths of my soul I could not thank you enough.  There is no word, act, or praise that could do what you have done for us justice.  Know that when I lay my head down on my pillow at night, you are in my thoughts.  There isn’t a day we do not think of you.  Because of you the impossible is possible.  Much love to you all.


4 thoughts on “Surrounded with love, this post is for you.

  1. I am happy you have decided to continue with your blog. You excel in putting life into its proper perspective. I loved this blog because it brought back my own feelings of tearful joy and greatfulness for my family and friends who have rallied around me and given love and support. It also makes me happy that some of the love and support you and Steve have given to others is being returned to you. You both have certainly served Heavenly Father with your love and compassion for others. “In as much as ye have done it unto the least of these my children, ye have done it unto me.” Please know that I love and appreciate you both so very much an will always remember your kindnesses to me. May the Lord bless you and yours, especially Kinzie! Always and Forever, Auntie L.

  2. Jesica~you are amazing! Such an inspiration & a great writer!! Best wishes for Kinzie & your fam on this journey!!!

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