Accessorize…it is all the rage

From the title of this post, I bet you are thinking handbags, shoes, hair, jewelry, diamonds, and clothes…let your imagination take you there.  Can you just picture it?  Wait, backup, stop! In this post I am talking about pumps…and do not mean heels.  I am talking about accessorizing the ‘provider of life’ our ever so loved insulin pump…Animas One Touch Ping.

provider of life...i *heart* pump

Is it possible to claim to be best friends with such a thing? Or adore it as if it were part of the family? If not, I may need some therapy after my post! 😉  Because it is very much a cherished thing in our family…even has its own insurance policy. Size of a pager, with a tube attached to Kinzie it is continuously hooked on her 24/7…keeping her body in tip top shape (or as much as one thing could without going to pancreas school or having a brain).

It is programmed to give Kinzie her insulin based on settings that we set to match her specific needs (and those needs change pretty much daily). It alarms and beeps, tweets and chirps to let us know its stance.  We love its quirks and ‘quips, but what we love most is how it does its duty.  It encases what we deem ‘liquid of life’ more precious than that gold…insulin. I think it is quite clear the love I have for this tiny little machine.  So let’s dive deep into the meat of options that she comes with…

We have color selections of nearly any desire, ours just happens to be in pink.  Silicone skins to protect her dearly, encasing her with our love. Kinzie has one in purple.  Infusion sets, with choices once more, is it a pink, green, blue or grey day?  We change them quite frequently at least every 3 days.  She has a pack to hold her Ping so dear, attaching to the waist, one with a hook (a clip of sorts) to clip onto her belt.  So when you are hooked to a machine daily, you will appreciate your ‘accessories’ much more.  A girl needs choices, right?


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