*It’s a numbers thing*

It’s a numbers thing

I have numbers coming out of my ears.  Just call me ‘number mom!’  If you need a number, I probably have 3!  Life is a bunch of numbers to me; I see it in everything, perhaps because we live off numbers, perhaps because it is numbers I have to pay attention to.

6.4, Kinzie’s last A1c, 55 our last BG. Numbers 3, 9, 2, 11…ages of my kids.  Number 2 and 9 my age put together.  4, how many children I have.  36, the amount of carbs consumed by Kinzie tonight.  1-unit left on board before bed.  80-120 our BG goal range.  9, 12, 2, 4, 6….when I got up to check Kinzie last night due to nasty BG that wouldn’t correct. 1,000 times I yawned today.  2 bathroom breaks I got. 6 times we checked for ketones. 0.8 was our ketones from such a nasty night. 1 more absence.

100 dollars for one small vial of insulin, 3 vials we use monthly.  4 boxes cartridges at 700+ dollars apiece and 4 boxes of infusion sets at 300+ dollars a month, then add 300 + test strips 100 bucks a bottle multiplied by 4 per month.  Then add 1 box swabs, 4 (give or take depending on illness) boxes ketone strips 175 dollars each.  4 Glucagon kits we own. $100 per kit.  1 box lancets too. 30+ juice boxes drank this month to help correct low.   How many times do we get paid this month?

3 times I have been to the pharmacy this month.  3 times I talked to pharmacist this month. 1 partial fill on a prescription this month. 3 days we have to wait to get rest.  4 (yes, sadly) showers I had last week. 10 loads of laundry weekly.  1 pump replacement on it’s way.  17 diapers changed today.  2 babies had baths.  1 dog shedding like crazy, million hairs all around. 2 times I swept the floors, 10 times they were messy by the end of the day.  72 the thermostat is set at. 30 times I have shared my blog, video, fundraising in just 2 days.  2350 amount raised so far.  16,000 more to go. 30 times I was in tears by everyone’s thoughtfulness. 40 times per day I worry about Kinzie’s BG. 40 times a day I am sad my focus has to shift.

1 in 10; chance of my other non-diabetic children getting type 1 by age of 50.  7…days of the week, 24 hours in the day. 24/7 amount of hours I spend as a type 1 diabetic mother, 24/7 number of hours/days I pray for a cure.  24, number of hours a day I pray Kinzie is safe.  24 hours a day I pray my other children stay healthy.  Sometimes I feel like I need more hours than what is allotted.  09-22-10 Date my life forever changed.  6-8 months we wait to welcome a diabetic alert dog to our family, what a blessing, can’t wait to breathe!  100+ number of people who love my daughter and are supporting our cause.  1:7 our insulin to carb ratio at supper. 5:30 time we need to eat in order to let insulin on board reach 0 so Kinzie can get to bed on time. 5:30 time husband comes home from work.  4 times a week Kinzie dances. 1 time a week Jared goes to hip-hop and scouts.  3rd grade, for Jared. 5th grade for Kinzie.  3540 the school nurse’s number. 10,100 times I have watched an episode of Strawberry Shortcake, perhaps in one week.

2 number of times we downloaded pump information since Sunday, 4 number of times I looked at her graphs, trends and settings. 2 adjustments I had to make. 8:00 time babies go to bed. 2 weeks since Jared had his surgery.  8 weeks until we go to his follow-up. Then go back 3 weeks after for Kinzie’s endo apptointment. 2 ½ hours the drive to the specialist.  Every 3 months we go.  ½ c per serving of cereal.  3 strawberries Chloe smashed on the floor. 30 times I have to remember to breathe when doing homework for Jared (frustration and focus hits him hard during those times).  30 times I am reminded what a blessing he is. 6 oz per bottle for Mason.  2-3 days between infusion changes.  16 strips we went through today thus far.  170 BG before bed. 12-time I set my alarm to get up for first night check.  Until I die, the number of nights we will wake up for checks.  2 number of hours Mason left.  7 times Chloe put a crown on my head and told me I was a princess today. 6 laughs from Mason.

4-11-85 hubbs and my birthdates mixed…because frankly, my numbers start to jumble at the end of the day.

Until I die, number of days Kinzie will have Diabetes.  Until I die, number of days I will fight for my kids and love my kids.  Until I die, number of times I will be an advocate for Diabetes. 1 billion the times you will hear the word ‘diabetes’ out of my mouth.  1 billion times I will not apologize for talking about Diabetes.  Forever the number of days I will have my family.  Forever the number of days I can look forward to. Countless numbers of times today my children made me feel amazing.

1 more night to get through. 1 more prayer answered. 1 happy family.  1 more moment together. 1 more memory made.  1 more day closer to a cure. 1 more day I am thankful for. 1 God I give credit to for my blessings.


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