Coined diabetic phrases in our house…

After talking with the kids this morning…I started to laugh.  I think that sometimes our use of ‘terms’ could be considered jibberish but it all makes perfect sense to us! So I am going to make this post light hearted and throw out a few of our ‘household’ terms…makes me laugh.

Coined phrases in my house. If you are diabetic (or know someone who is), feel free to add.  If you are not diabetic, feel free to join in.  Gotta find the positives and funny in it all, right? Diabetes talk at its finest!

Conversation I had last night with Kinz…

Me: “What is going on, quit being so nasty”

Kinzie: “Nothing! I don’t know! GAH!”

Me: “Have you checked your blood glucose?”

Kinzie: “Ugh! It isn’t my blood glucose!! It was fine a while ago”

Me: “For your sake, let’s hope it is!…go check!”

Kinzie: (after stomping off)…”Mom! I am low!”

Me: “Told you!”

Kinzie: “you always think you are right.”

Me: “Because I always am.”

Kinzie: “Next time, I will be grumpy just because.”

(amazingly 15 min after juice she was her perky happy self…mom knows best!)


Other frequent terms…

Kinzie is extra sweet (high blood glucose)

Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

I need a juice!


PUSH water!

Flush em’ out!

Extra sweet-it’s a ‘betes thing

Don’t know it til you live it.

Got your tools?

How many times did you check?

How are your numbers looking?

Do you see a trend?

Mom, I am beeping again!

Ugh! MOM! it won’t quit beeping!

OUT OF RANGE!!! It is out of range again!

Mom, I feel dizzy.

Think I am still low…yep, low!

Where’s your poker?

Watch it, your cord is about to get caught!

No Chloe, you can’t wear sissy’s pump!

Did you dose?

How many points is that? (as if she were counting weight watcher points…but no, just carbs)

Is it worth it?

Whoop Whoop! No ketones!

Zofran, STAT!

Wash your hands…a lot!

Scrub em’ if you love em’!

Please don’t come around us sick…yeah, thanks!

What’s your I.O.B (we prefer to give it a twist and say “eye-o-buh” instead of insulin on board…tweaking at it’s finest)

Gotta drink this, wake up, Kinz. Hello!

Can’t find my meter!

Ugh! Where is my meter?!

Kinz! Please try and actually get your used strips in the trash!

C’mon! strip is on the floor!

A1c is ahhhhh-mazing!

D.A.D to the rescue…has it been 6-8 months yet?



Kinz, go check, you aren’t making sense!

Mom! Kinzie isn’t making sense!!!!

Kinz, Ugh! That isn’t what I meant to say, I dunno why I said that! I am gonna check.

Mom, my sides hurt!

I had no clue I was that high.

I had no clue I was that low.

How many units left?

How many units did you do?

Use your temp basal and decrease/increase.

Where you go, your supplies go.

Geez…my pancreas is lazy!

I think thats worth a pancreas!

What a ‘dead’ beat…stinkin’ pancreas!

Now you are acting like your pancreas!

I heart pumps!

Pump, pump, pump you up…pump that insulin right on up!

I’m gonna PUMP you up (in an Arnold voice)

If you aren’t going to monitor yourself, mine as well jump out in front of a car…you are playing with fire both ways (harsh truth)

Did you call the pharmacy?

Did you order supplies?

Jared, you don’t have to sleep on her floor!

Provider of life (referring to pump and insulin)

$20,ooo kid (referring to kinz (approx cost 20-30 thousand of T1D if you are healthy per year…she says she is the ‘Golden’ child always with a smile)

Blood shuggy!

BAM! Now that’s what I call range!

Holla! HOLLA HOLLA if you can think like a panceras (every one says…HEY!!!) (we like being goofy)

Pretty sure everyone ‘invents’ their own terms…share some of yours!!! Diabetes related or not!


2 thoughts on “Coined diabetic phrases in our house…

  1. OK these are hilarious! Thanks for posting. I’m a type 1 diabetic also. I find myself saying, “I’m high”. I should probably watch myself when I say that; to an outsider that could be bad! How old is your daughter?

  2. Hahaha! Isn’t that the truth…I giggle every time that phrase pops up!!! She was 10 when she was diagnosed (2 weeks after her birthday) and is 11 now. thanks for reading! 🙂

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