being a witness to remarkable moments never cease to amaze me

For my post today I am using an exert from my face book page…this was only two days after diagnosis…and only one day since we had returned home.  I can still remember this accomplishment and what it meant to me.  I would like to share that entry with you now:

“Big news from the Br**** house!!! Kinzie did her entire FSBS and injection completely on her own (yes, mom was hovering-but it is necessary)!!!! This is a HUGE accomplishment in such a short time!!!!!!!!!!”

This is a big deal only two days into this venture, and I was one proud mom.  There are many steps to take to even prepare for a FSBS and injection, and she was able to do it all on her own. I know I have said it before, but she is an absolute fighter, she doesn’t give up and will conquer any task set in front of her.

As a mother you never really prepare yourself to do any of the tasks that come with Type 1 diabetes.  You never really even thought about having your child get over 3,000 injections a year and 10 + finger sticks a day.  You never really ever entertain the thought that your daughters’ life will depend on a simple hormone or that without injections she would no longer live.  As a mother I worried about SIDS, late nights with a new baby, proper nutrition, proper education, setting a good example…but I never thought about my daughter having to fight to live, or face so many obstacles in such a young age.

My thoughts now aren’t necessarily about any thing like they were before.  It has put me in this constant mode of protection, alert, learning, flexibility, prayer, and even fight. My goals are to encompass our life with everything meaningful, as if it were our last day.  My focus as switched from ‘me and my family’ to ‘my family’…at all costs, my family first.  I would have never even for one minute think that one of the proudest moments in my life would be watching my daughter do her first FSBS, draw up insulin, and inject herself on her own.  Pretty amazing accomplishment if you ask me.

I sat in complete awe, as I have had to ‘teach’ many patients as a nurse to do their own injections…and many times it has been met with refusal and disdain.  Not my daughter, she faced it head on and was not going to let diabetes control her.  I knew from those very moments that she would continue to make great progress. (I also knew we would face many steps back, bad moments, grief, etc.  it is all part of the deal); but I knew we had this.  I knew it was possible.

In one moment, I knew it was forever.  I also knew that we could do it and that she was strong enough for this challenge.  I will not forget that moment for as long as I life, it will always be an example for me.  No matter what she is faced with, she gets it done.

The reason I wanted to share this is my friends, other diabetic mothers/parents, supporters, readers…is because we need to recognize those moments that help set a tone.  I want other people in our situation to realize that those moments will come, and they do come.  Our struggles may be hard, but when we get to witness such strength, we are forever changed.  I cannot witness what my daughter and other children do as they face Type 1 Diabetes and not be changed or see the potentials in life.

In honor of all those moments we are witnesses to,  I dedicate this post to you.  May we stop and realize that what we are given is always in conjunction with our abilities.  Recognize those moments and your abilities; through small moments we are built.


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