Bragging rights

You would immediately think I am referring to my children with the words ‘bragging’ rights.  Nope…I am talking about you! My family is surrounded by some very amazing people; people who set the standard for everyone around them. You are people who listen for other’s needs and go straight to work on those needs without hesitation.

You know who you are, this post is for you.

I know I have said thank you, I know I have said that I love you, I know I have said we couldn’t have done it without you…I have said this, because, every single word is true.  Because of you all, this has been possible.

Not quite 3 weeks into our fundraising to get Kinzie her diabetic alert service dog we have raised over $6000.  I cannot believe it.  Because of you, passing the message around, your compassion, your understanding, and your empathy…we are facing the real possibility of getting this dog paid for in less than 6 months.  How amazing is that?

This disease can bring the darkest hours, but has also let me witness so many miracles and brought a new outlook in life to me.  I know we are never alone.  I don’t want to repeat myself; but I am finding it harder and harder not to.  There simply is not a perfect word to share…thank you is just not enough.

From day one, I have had the urge to stop people on the street and just educate them on type 1 diabetes…I am fighting that same urge, but also wanting to tell people how lucky we are.  How loved we are.

When I look at Kinzie I just see a very courageous girl.  When I think about getting her a diabetic alert dog, I think about learning to breathe again. It won’t solve everything or cure diabetes…but it will add a major safety factor to our every day life.  It will bring peace of mind to me.  It will bring independence to my daughter.  It will be a miracle.

I have had so many donations, some anonymous.  I want to reach out to every single person who has donated to us, passed our message around, helped us, gave us ideas, supported us, cried with us, loved us (even my over-bearing self)…every single person whose action has in any way possible helped this revolution of giving.  You are all amazing.  We give what we can, do what we can, and one sacrifice is not greater than another.  When you give of yourself you set into action a ‘pay it forward’ motion.  I will forever try to pay it forward.

To my family, sorry I tend to push you out of the picture always trying to be stoic. Sorry for needing so much control. Thank you for allowing me to have that control.  Thank you for being there no matter and helping me learn that it is okay if I cannot do everything, and it is okay to let my worries be shared with others.  Thank you for loving my daughter, my children, my family, as we are.  Thank you for seeing my vision and understanding it.  Thank you for not doubting my abilities even when I have.  Thank you for being there for us all.  Thank you for understanding.  Thank you for refusing not to share our burden with us.  Thank you.

To my friends; sorry I am not always available, and sorry that I am preoccupied (a lot) of the time. Sorry that I repeat myself often. Sorry that I have not been the best example or the best friend. Thank you for listening.  Thank you for your empathy. Thank you for knowing the needs of this mother. Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, actions, words, and kindness.  Thank you for loving my family and allowing us to reside in your hearts.  Thank you for the wonderful friendship you offer without stipulation.  Thank you for being you.

For my old classmates, friends, acquaintances… thank you. First off, sorry, I know I have been known to be quite the blunt jerk. So please listen when I say thank you for your thoughts, sacrifices, prayers, kindness, empathy.  You could have easily focused that somewhere else, yet, you chose to focus it on my daughter.  Thank you for being an example.  Thank you for seeing a need and trying to help in any way possible.  Thank you for the wonderful support and understanding.  Thank you for being you.  Thank you for continuing to be a part of our journey. I hope my children recognize this and amplify it in their life one thousand times over.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To our anonymous help, what can I say?  I only hope I will find a way to help you like you have me.  I hope that I will forever remain empathetic and vigilant to those around me and their trials.  Thank you for being there for our family.  If I haven’t been able to personally thank you before, please know this is for you.  You amaze me.  I was never one to leave a mystery alone, but it was brought to my attention that perhaps this is how they (you) want it.  Some mysteries are not mine to solve.  Much love sent to you.  If ever we cross paths, know that your actions and sacrifices were very much a part of our journey and you have helped make the impossible possible.

To all of you, thank you to the moon and back.  Thank you for simply being you. I love you all, every simple action, no matter how small you think it may be, has been great to us.  There isn’t a day that goes by I haven’t thought about you.  When kinzie has her protector of life, every time she is alerted of a high or low, every time we are awoken at night, every milestone we meet, every trial we beat…I will be thinking of you.  I may not have signed up for this journey, but didn’t have a choice.  You had a choice and have chosen to be a part of it with us, I admire that so much.  It would be so much easier to turn your shoulder and just live your life. I love you, appreciate you, and am amazed by the power in support.  Much love is sent your way as I write this post. it is a great struggle not being able to ‘fix’ my daughter, and depending on everyone so much.  I couldn’t be where I am today without you all. I will never be able to thank you enough. Until the day I die, thank you…and even then…thank you.

Please continue to help spread the word, share our blog and Kinzie’s video.  Please educate those around you about type 1 diabetes, and continue to ask questions when you may not understand.




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