I am on a get-away with my sister, mom and our wonderful friend…seeking inspiration, energy, renewal and balance.  This is the first time I have left Kinize since diagnosis like this; my nerves are right on edge, but I can do this!!!  This post, oddly enough isn’t about diabetes. It is about inspiration.

Sitting at our conference listening to Jenny Oaks Baker perform “A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes” one word came to my mind…Inspiration.  I could see and feel how much she loved playing the violin, how much she loved music.  Goosebumps spread over me.  Inspiration.  Many people who do great things are usually inspired in some shape, form, or fashion.  Inspirations come in many different forms.

I then started to think about greatness.  And that word brought to mind my children and how great they inspire me, every single day.  I can see so much ‘greatness’ in them.  I can see their potential and all of the greatness they have to offer this world.  I get overwhelmed when I think about the possibilities the future holds for them and how many people they can inspire.  Such big spirits in tiny bodies.  They were sent here to do greatness and inspire people; starting with me.

I believe that we, as mothers, are granted a gift the first moment we meet our children; we are allowed a vision that shows us their purpose and great potential here on earth.  We are granted that gift so we can be inspired to help harvest the ‘greatness’ and passion in our children.  We are the first ‘cultivators’ in their life. Our job is to help cultivate that hunger for greatness and sensitivity to inspiration.

Many times when I am honored to be surrounded by an inspiring moment, my children encompass my thoughts.  I immediately think “they are capable of that, they are capable of making others feel like this.  They have that power.”  For example, I know that Jared will create a movement of kind acts, he is capable of such greatness. I can feel it in his presences.  I see this because as their mother, I have been granted that wonderful gift to see all possibilities.  It fills my soul and gives me the drive to be better, do better.

Our mission as mothers has been inspired.  Our roles were created with inspiration.  We are the ‘see’ers’ for our families and the cultivators for potential in our children  This is why each mother has been granted  intuition when it comes to their child’s specific needs.  We can relate the ‘greatness’ we see to our children and help them harvest it.  Our role is perhaps the most important role in their life.

When you are inspired, it isn’t by coincidence,  it is by divine intervention.  Whether you recognize it and choose to act on that inspiration is up to you.  Do not let those moments pass you by to only regret it and dwell on ‘what if?’. You all have inspired me, and I try to find a way to act on that inspiration every day…I may not accomplish that task all of the time; but it is in my daily thoughts and goals.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Jess, God Bless you. You inspire me. You are an incredible woman. I am so proud of Kinzie and her accomplishments. I truly believe she will make a difference as well as your other 3 children.
    You are in my prayers daily.

    • Thanks Linda. I am merely a recepient of so many great blessings that just make me see a better, brighter future and makes me want to be and do better

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