Communication, it’s a beautiful thing!

Communication…it is a beautiful thing.  Too bad I can pretty much suck at it!

I want to visit a great example of communication break down.  Ahhh, those words alone sting a little!

The end of last month (March) my wonderful and very helpful husband filled Kinzie’s prescriptions at the pharmacy.  I was busy one Saturday so he took it upon himself to help me out and refill everything.  He called me and told me not to worry and he will take care of it. This would be the first time, since diagnosis, that I didn’t refill our scripts. Yes, I am just that controlling.

How nice is he? Every little thing helps, every little thing I can take off my ‘to-do’ list counts!!! I need to work on letting him take more responsibility in everything, but it is such a struggle.  I know I know what to do and when to do it.  I have a system down, I am confident in my abilities.  I naturally research and learn and progress. I take it as a challenge to do better for Kinzie every day.  My job as her pancreas is a very important job.

Fast forward until now…every month I go through our ‘supply’ cupboard where we store all of Kinzie’s supplies (except of insulin of course).  I experienced a brief moment of pure anxiety and possibly a what I would describe as a minor heart attack, when I discovered we had one bottle of glucometer strips left!!! That shouldn’t be!!! Those suckers cost over a hundred dollars for just 100…and we use 350-400 a month, insurance only helps pay for 300.

I have worked diligently the past year trying to build up a ‘stock’ of supplies.  With any extra money we get I buy things here and there as diabetic supplies are pretty darn expensive.  It just didn’t make any sense how we were running so low!!!

So I did some investigating.  In complete panic mode, I went through everything in the cupboard, fridge, receipts…etc.  This is what I found…My husband neglected to tell me he only could fill our ketone strips at the moment and had to wait to fill the rest in 4 days.  He assumed I would just realize it when he didn’t put things in our cupboard. I didn’t even think to double-check.

So I thought it had all been taken care of, while he assumed I would take care of the rest of the supplies on another day. Communication…we have been together 13 years, you would think we have that down to a ‘T’.  No, we don’t we just assume the other is on the same page as we are.

So there we were, my stash depleted and my spirits squashed, as I was beyond excited how well I had built up our stash.Lesson learned the hard way…communication is key! We simply cannot read each others mind! In the moment I was very upset and felt defeated, sad, angry, (and every other emotion a pancreas would). Now, looking back, I realize that it was prime opportunity.  As I lost out in an entire month supply and used a great deal of my stash for emergencies, I realized that we are in such a hurry sometimes we forget to communicate even the greatest of details.

So prescriptions were refilled and I have set a goal to build up a 3 month emergency stash within the next 6 months.  It isn’t an easy task, but it is possible.  Another goal: communicate.  Even when I feel like people are on the same page as me. It doesn’t matter how well they know me, they cannot read my mind.

I am thankful that my husband takes the initiative to try to help take many tasks off my shoulders.  I am thankful he is so supportive and nice.  I am thankful he is patient even when I get worked up.

So my dear friends, take it from me…after wasting well over $500 dollars this month and missing out in insurance helping to fill our scripts so our emergency stash stayed put…COMMUNICATE efficiently and effectively in all aspects.  Despite what we may think, there are no real mind readers out there! ;0)


3 thoughts on “Communication, it’s a beautiful thing!

  1. Very frustrating! Why can’t the pharmacy/insurance let you have the ones you missed picking up? I don’t get it.

    I had a BALL stockpiling supplies at the end of last year. We had gone through our out-of-pocket-maximum by October, and I realized I could just keep filling our Rx’s to create a treasure trove of insulins + test strips + lancets + needle tips…it was DIVINE and all FREE. Now we’re almost through that stockpile and have to get the Rx’s filled occasionally. $435 for a month’s test strips! I don’t think I’ll ever need to buy another set of Accu-check lancets. Those suckers last forever.

    Husbands are, from what I’ve gathered, almost universally the “helpers” in D-care and the wives are the commanders-in-chief. We need to band together, stay strong, relinquish control, and withhold sex and Cadbury Minieggs until balance is achieved. Or…what are the taking out the trash/painting the ceiling/mowing the lawn equivalents of D-care?

    • Once again, you made me laugh. You are absolutely right!!! As for mini cadbury minieggs…how did you know!!! Those are my easter candy weakness! 🙂 I think we moms make pretty darn good commander in “D” Chief!

  2. Oh man. That doesn’t sound like fun. In a more milder term, we all learn from our mistakes. This is one you two can work on together! Bonding time 🙂

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