Scary moment…

So today Kinzie was out playing around the studio with her siblings and cousins.  20% temporary basal decrease (on top of several basal decreases this past week).  She has to stop playing to bring up her blood glucose. All was well, BG (blood glucose) came up, she felt better…108.  So Joey came home from work and instead of driving home, he came to the dance studio to pick up the kids.  The older kids rode their bikes home in front of Joey.  Not long after they left the studio, Joey noticed Kinzie not being able to pedal, swerving, and just not really riding her bike.  So he pulled over and ran over to her.  37.  She drank a juice…BG plummeting.  It was happening so fast she was confused and thought it was her bike and was just trying so hard to ride it not even understanding clearly enough to stop because it was her BG. She felt no symptoms at first until after the fact.  Good catch Daddy! Her previous BG check was not even quite 15 minutes before she went to ride home, spot on and in range.

We have plummeting BG at dance competitions and nights, but RARELY during the days like this.  Daddy almost had to use the glucagon kit today and followed his instincts thank goodness.  I walked in to a pale Kinzie. Normally I let the kids stay and continue to play as long as BG is good, she isn’t alone and they stay close.  I am so glad the timing happened where daddy was there at that time and we made the kids go home even though they didn’t want to.

This is a great example why I am 1 million times thankful we are getting our D.A.D.  I am so glad I made that phone call, I am so glad I never let the thought of getting a D.A.D leave my mind since diagnosis.  I am so thankful I was brave enough to take that initial plunge.  I am thankful for the organization we are going through and how they accept us as part of their family.  Warren Retrievers by far, stands above the rest and put passion into their work in my eyes. I am so glad that we are able to fund-raise to help cover the cost of this amazing animal that will save my daughter’s live over and over and when I fail, it will be more than just my back up.  It will be my right hand, her constant companion.  It cannot come into our home fast enough.

This, this example alone today, is a great ‘stop and think’ moment.  Many ‘what if’ statements could have followed, the outcome today, purely divine timing.  I hate this disease, I hate the possibilities, I hate having to witness moments like this…Kinzie having to suffer and nothing we can do to really predict this.  But what I do love is the advancements that take place.  The support we are getting, the awareness we can raise one story at a time.  I love that we are able to use everything in our power to keep her safer and as healthy as possible. At any cost, I will do whatever it takes.  So for anyone wondering ‘why a diabetic alert dog?’ “Why not a CGM?” I simply say, 98% accuracy, it goes every where she goes, it can bring her a juice/glucagon kit, it can alert us (as my alarm lets me sleep through it and isn’t persistent), it can call 911.  A CGM simply cannot offer all of that.  A CGM isn’t accurate, but it does show trends.  A D.A.D can predict the trends prior to it showing. D.A.D.’s are not for everyone, but they are most definitely the right choice for us and a blessing.


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