Stepping out of the box…a little. This should be interesting.

So I ran across a post from a blog I visit often.  It is a witty, light-hearted, but real take on parenting a type 1 diabetic child.  You can visit it here. I have to say I enjoy reading the posts, and they usually my go to post, as the angle she takes pulls that ‘edge’ off diabetes.  In one post it was simple, sweet and to the point, linked to this wonderful site that has been doing what is called “Diabetes Blog Week“, this will make for the third annual week.  It sparked my interest and got wheels turning.

I am pretty safe here in my blog world, pretty low-key.  Trying to share my world, but having the feeling that I am pretty safe to do so as my blog is still in its infancy stage.  I like safe.  Safe is where I thrive.  But the blog week idea kept coming back into my head.  The idea is for ‘D’ bloggers come together and post about certain topics daily for a week, where there will be perspectives from all walks of life shared in one place. Awesome!  And to think…gasp…these people would probably be able to relate to my life to a ‘T’.

So I did what any faithful blogger would…I stalked that post for days.  Trying to talk myself into either signing up to be a blogger during the blog week and fully participating or drop the idea and end the obsession.  Obsessions are not healthy! As I stalked, I became inspired.  As I became inspired, I felt an odd sense of belonging.  The list of participants was growing and feedback was coming in waves of positivity.  The topics sounded great and these days I am in much need of a little ‘D’ support (as I type we are once again experiencing a ‘controlled’ plummet.  3 juices, 1 hour only to 60.  juice 4, suspended basal and glucagon out on kitchen counter…hence the word controlled.) Other people in the ‘Diabetes’ community have to get this…they live it too.

So I took the plunge and signed up, so you (my few faithful readers…where ever you may be) will be going through this experience with me for the first time.  Every day we will be (the participating bloggers) posting on the same topic for a week.  It starts Monday.  So welcome to the journey with me….you may have T1D (T2D), know someone who does, or just follow as support…either way I welcome you to explore other blogs with me as I venture out past my comfort zone.  Could be complete madness due to lack of sleep or pure inspiration; either way, I am excited to venture out and start participating in this whole new blogging world.  I started a blog for a reason…now to find that specific reason.

With much love to you all, until I post again.


One thought on “Stepping out of the box…a little. This should be interesting.

  1. Yay!!!! So so happy you decided to sign up!! I hope you have a lot of fun with DBlog Week – I can’t wait to read your posts. 🙂

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