What it means being a D-momma

What it means being a D-momma?

It means advocacy.

It means late nights.

It means sleepless nights.

It means long fights.

It means extra checks.

It means ever-learning.

It means flexibility.

It means deeper love.

It means pleading for life.

It means extra prayers.

It means more faith.

It means budgeting.

It means pressure.

It means fear.

It means guilt.

It means chances.

It means juggling.

It means sacrifices.

It means changes.

It means hope.

It means educate.

It means never forget.

It means never give up.

It means celebrate moments.

It means remember to live.

It means vigilance.

It means equality.

It means discrimination at times.

It means forever.

It means patience.

It means perseverance.

It means my job will never be done.



Until the day I quit breathing, until there is a cure, until then, until, until…this is me, my fight, my life, for my love, for my every thing.  And I will continue until, until, until.


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