Find a Friend Monday…Diabetes Blog Week

Kicking off my weekly challenge on diabetes blog week…our topic today is ‘Find a Friend’ and introduce in it, a blog you love. Tough one! There are a few I have found on the way that I enjoy and have shared many blog posts on my Facebook page here and there. So I may need to share a few.

First off I want to share this blog.  Near and dear to my heart, as we are raising funds for Kinzie’s Diabetic Alert Dog and nearing the timeframe for it to be placed in our home.  We cannot wait, especially with our recent scareThis blog  is a blog of a woman (Percella) who has 2 boys with diabetes (3 boys total, and 1 awesome D.A.D named Delta).  I was introduced to her blog by Dan (of Warren Retrievers) when I was placed on the active waiting list to get our D.A.D.

This blog in so many ways has been a great go-to piece with Kinzie.  She is beyond excited about her pup coming and we always love to see what ‘Delta’ has been up to. Kinzie enjoys the pictures and stories. She asks if there was another post about Delta yet daily…pretty sure this dog should be wearing a super-hero cape every day!

Of course I love the journey of it all.  It brings us great hope.  We are going through Warren Retrievers for our D.A.D, which is where Delta came from as well.  We love our Warren Retriever family, and Percella stepped out and really welcomed us and has supported us the minute we became (actually before) a part of this.

A few other blogs I want to mention briefly are (so sorry it was so hard to choose one!):

This mother has a T1D near the same age as Kinz…and also a fellow ‘wordpress’er (KC & Co.).  I think I found her blog not too long after I started mine, and read her blog faithfully…being able to relate on a great and many things.

Another one  (I mentioned it previously, Big Foot Child have Diabetes) takes a humorous tone on the daily trudges of being a parent to a T1D…and even though she brings humor into it, it is very real.  Sometimes it is easier for me to read about such a tough disease to follow with this tone.  Some days it is just what I need.

I hope you discover these blogs and appreciate them as I do.  Trust me, there are so many other blogs that deserve a mention in my post, I am trying to limit them to a few.  I will try to incorporate my other top blogs here and there a little more when I blog (I always forget to.

And just a few more to add:

the princess and the pump is a great blog as well!  And cannot forget (although, sure you have read) Our Diabetic Life

Read on my faithful and fellow readers! Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Find a Friend Monday…Diabetes Blog Week

  1. Thanks Jessica! Can’t wait to hear more about Delta! Our untrained Skye terrier, Jessie, seems to know when KC is running low….dogs truly are man’s best friend! What a blessing for you to have Delta coming into your lives!

  2. Love the post!

    I have to say I’m a fan of the Candy Hearts Blog, don’t know if you’ve read that one, but I’ll definitely be following yours from now on as well. 😀

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