Fantasy Device Thursday…Diabetes Blog Week

Fantasy Device…Thursday.

Oh, to dream in a perfect world.  I can think of a few ‘wish-list’ items.  Perhaps a tool that can ACCURATELY and SAFELY test BG, adjust insulin needs to food/activity automatically without human adjustment, excrete hormones needed to avoid extreme highs/lows, no tubes, pokes or prods…oh wait that would be a brand new spanking new pancreas! I would love for CGMs to be less cumbersome, a little more accurate, and have the ability to take over FSBS without error or calibration.  I think an all-in-one (artificial pancreas) that is error free, sturdy, tube-less, dependable machine that does all the thinking on its own and is AFFORDABLE and AVAILABLE for every one.

Perhaps something that could reverse the effects of T1D…something that can stop damage dead in its tracks and revive the pancreas as well. (Is that too much to ask for?)

I am sure I can think of many more wish-list items…but I am hitting a wall.  I am sure it has nothing to do with a sleepless night.

In a perfect world, I would be satisfied to never have another diagnosis of T1D, my heart breaks with each family as they receive that diagnosis and it hits me like a ton of bricks; and a way to completely cure and prevent it (isn’t that the hearts’ desire of every T1D parent?).


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