Endocrinologist update…*cough* and a Kinzie brag

I haven’t done an update in a week or so, so I wanted to stop and brag a bit on Kinzie and her strength.  We had our endocrinologist appointment today and everything looks spot on, another stellar A1c of 6.6 and nothing but positive feedback from our nurse and endocrinologist (insert my love for our medical team here, we couldn’t do what we do without them).  No signs of major damage, no extra tests needed at the moment, no major changes.  Which all is great news.  Especially considering our rough past 4 months.  See, hard work, sweat and tears do pay off!!! None of this so far could be or would be accomplished without Kinzie and all of her efforts, even through her terrible ‘I hate diabetes days’, her highs, her lows, her activities, and anything else she faces.  She truly is a remarkable patient if I do say so myself.  I am beyond proud of how she manages her diabetes on a day-to-day basis.  Score 1 for us!

While out-of-town for our appointment I got oober sick, so hubbs faced the Zoo alone with all 4 kids in tow and tackling the ‘D’ monster on his own.  Yes, you guessed it, this sick, worried, tired momma was nervous but had all the confidence (and admiration) in the world that hubbs could do this and would do it well…and, well, he did!  They had a low, treated it perfectly, and kept up on her checks and carb counts.  They did basal decreases on their own (canceling one to increase it further…GOLD star!).  They were even stuck at the ‘train’ stations in between parks for well over an hour, and hubbs remain vigilant and got Kinz back in one piece (even having to speak up to get her on the first ‘rescue’ shuttle back to the parking lot).  Kinz and daddy teamed together so well…and *sniff, sniff* really didn’t need me.  Score 1 for us!

I love going to our endocrinologist appointments, but always fear it at the same time…I anticipate bad news or negative changes and always pray that her body is still doing well and is in ‘good shape’ to fight this diabetes journey. Once we go, I leave with a sence of relief, my diabetes cup is refilled, and I am given a sudden burst of positive energy.  Our endocrinologist just oozes positivity.

Our nurse educator suggests I pursue a career path of becoming nurse diabetic educator (coming from our medical team, this is one of the highest compliments I could ever receive.  Those who know me know how much I value our medical team, and credit our success to them) got the nurse part down, only have CDE left to do…in a perfect world, it would be my dream.  Finding the time to put in the hours required while playing full-time pancreas, chauffeur, nanny, mommy, wife, scheduler and educator is the tricky thing (not to forget adding our wonderful D.A.D to this list soon, which will be a challenge itself too).  That would mean going back to work so I could log those hours, meaning leaving my babies and kiddos once again.  I am not sure I could do this…but a part of me wants to keep going, part of me *sometimes* misses that old successful me, and wonders if/when I will ever be able to find her again.  So when the babies get older, this is going on my ‘goal’ list.  I have always loved learning, perhaps if we could call having a passion for education a talent, I would have a real talant…but atlas, no such luck so I continue searching for my true talent (no musical inclination, no artistic eye, no candid verbage…only crooked eye and short leg to claim as my own contribution here).   😉

Needless to say, we had a decent day, with great travels and happy family memories made on our trip to our endocrinologist.  Swimming, zoo, good food, pictures…we try to make our 3 hour trip something to always look forward to and a great use of family time.

So I ran to the grocery store tonight, dad, baby, brother and sister were at home.  Dad is putting baby down so Kinzie takes it upon herself to do a BG check.  I get this call…

“Hi mom! I just checked and I am high.  I washed my hands and rechecked again, still high.”

I say “Good job, way to watch out.”

Kinzie: “So I figure, I just got done with dance, endorphins might be working so I might still trend low so I corrected with half recommended dose, ate a pickle because I am hungry, and have a bottle of water I am chugging, and didn’t tell dad because I knew I was fine and he was putting baby down.”

Me: “What do you need me for? You are simply amazing and you did everything spot on.”

score 1 for us!

*BLUSH* what a smart 11-year-old girl. She is already factoring in so many variables at such a young age, not even two years into diagnosis.  When we talk about diabetes, even on her bad days, she listens…and this proves it.  We look at her numbers, charts, graphs and spot trends to make changes together, and it is paying off.  I cannot tell you how very proud of her I am.  There is no way at her age I would have been able to do what she does…I was too darn stubborn and oblivious.

Score 4 for us, 0 for diabetes this weekend.  IN YOUR FACE T1D!


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