JDRF (Juvenile Research Foundation) Walk to Cure Diabetes…and GASD

Today, I am not really going to be telling you about our daily happenings.  Today, I want to focus on an upcoming event(s) that means a great deal to our family and friends and a wonderful organization that has changed our life.  It is the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.  JDRF is a leading children’s research foundation for type 1 diabetes.  I am a JDRF mentor in our area for newly diagnosed families, it was my first real ‘act’ of branching out as an advocate, and it fills a part of me with great purpose.  The Walk to Cure Diabetes will be our first major event that we will be attending since diagnosis, as life (like having a baby) has held us back from previous events.

You can access our team page here.

Why walk? Because if we do not, who will? If we do not support a cure and further research, who will? If it isn’t important to us, who will make it important to them?  Diabetes doesn’t rest, so we cannot rest.  If we keep pushing forward, eventually, at some point, we will have the upper hand on diabetes…and at that point perhaps in Kinzie’s lifetime she will have the privilege of saying “I use to have diabetes”.  Wouldn’t those be the most precious words ever spoken? We walk because we have to, we need to.  We walk in honor of all Type 1 Diabetics around, for all Diabetics.  We walk for those who are lost and alone and have no one to support them through this disease.  We walk because our daughter, Kinzie, is our hero every day…and Diabetes isn’t her disease, it is our disease.  We refuse for her to face it alone.

I talk about advocating on many occasions and have found ways to be an advocate.  This happens to be one outlet.  It will also provide and opportunity for Kinzie to witness a great gathering of many people there for one purpose…HER, and all those who have type 1 diabetes.   This walk is about them, for them, and because of them.  It is fashioned out of love and hope.  I chose to do this walk with our family and asking our friends to join our team, because I want Kinzie to be surrounded by great people on the day she witnesses for the first time, the positive power diabetes can have.  I want Jared (and my babies, of course) to witness advocating for something greater than yourself and see the level this one act can bring you to.  I want this movement to fill my children’s soul and live inside them forever.  I want that drive in my family that so many families facing chronic illnesses have.  This disease doesn’t have a cure, but it will not be because we haven’t tried or supported its cause.  I want to raise awareness along with hope and love.

I urge every person who reads this post to visit our team page.  I sincerely ask that you make a donation in honor of Kinzie or someone you know who has been affected by type 1 diabetes in some shape or form…and on that day in November, Kinzie’s Krusaders (our team name) will be walking in honor of her and you or your loved one, and the monies raised (100%) will go directly to JDRFs research in type 1.  No matter the amount, $1.00 to $100 I urge everyone to give what they can (it is considered a charitable donation, and can be used on your tax forms). If/when you make a donation, please comment me on this posting with the name in which you are donating to JDRF in honor of, we would love to place that name on our team shirts we will have made for the day we walk. Please share this post and pass it along. Everyone is always looking for a good cause to be inspired by, so let this be an inspiration and know that you can make a difference.  Every dollar raised and posting shared counts…you can be a part of a great movement and carry it with you forever too.  Visit our team page Kinzie’s Krusaders and join us (you can even be a virtual walker if you cannot attend our walk) in November.  Let’s fight Type 1 Diabetes and raise awareness for our very much-loved type 1 diabetic heroes.

Another day that is coming up on my calendar is the Ride to Cure Diabetes, through JDRF, in Tuscon Az.  I have had my eyes on the Ride to Cure events…out of complete fear and negative self talk, I have yet to sign up.  It takes place on the weekend of November 15-18 this year.  The route I will be taking once I get my $100 registration fee raised, will be 42 miles, and if I am spunky I might sign up for 60 mile ride.  GASP! There, I said it!  I have a goal, and in hopes I can raise my registration fee and then in order to ride, will have to pledge to raise at minimum $2000.  I have a great friend supporting this crazy idea, as I am not in the best of shape, okay in terrible shape and haven’t put me first in a long long time…but it starts somewhere, right?  Perhaps on this journey I will start to reconnect with my old self a little bit and learn to put me as a priority once again. I feel like this is something that I absolutely have to do, like something is just pulling me to it and the only thing stopping me is my negative thoughts on how I am just not good enough and could never do it or raise the money for it. It is personal, and I cannot completely explain my need to do it and prove it to myself, but to do it in honor of my daughter and shout “Take that T1D” from the top of my lungs.  Some of you might think I am nuts, and, well, you are right.  I am completely nuts.  Once I  am able to do my registration fee, there will be no backing out.  So keep reading on as I continue to work towards this goal and get it finalized.  Hopefully this will be the year I can do my first Ride to Cure, perhaps this will be my changing moment.  So what are your thoughts? Possible? Crazy? Impractical?  I am not quite sure how to classify it other than a personal vendetta against Diabetes and all the ways it tries to limit us…and perhaps all that it has taken away from us.

Another great charity I would like to bring up is Guardian Angel Service Dogs.  It is the non-profit organization we are working with to get our Diabetic Alert Dog.  I urge people to consider giving to organizations like GASD, as they are solely created to make a huge ever-lasting positive impact on people’s lives, forever.  Passion is a driving force in their organization.  $1 can make a difference in so many people’s lives.  GASD helps Warren Retrievers provide over 300 Diabetics with diabetic alert dogs every year, (and many other service dogs).  GASD and Warren Retrievers have changed our livfe, they have given us great hope and a sense of more control in our fight against diabetes.  If every single person could give $1, countless service dogs could be paid for families in need of these amazing creatures.  One small act of kindness can forever change our life, and many other people’s lives.  Please visit GASD and make a charitable donation.  Once a donation is made, you will receive an email within 24 hours with a request to specify who you want your donation to go to, you can choose our family (Kinzie) or have Dan apply those funds to any family he sees has great need for this donation.  I also would like to take time to share on July 17th, GASD will be in the running to receive a free vehicle through Toyota’s 100 cars for good promotion.  Please visit www.carsforgood.com and place your vote for non-profits every day, and remember GASD on July 17th.  To vote, it take one simple click.  You can help GASD help deliver more dogs to families who need them, send trainers to more areas…with one vote you can make a difference to hundreds of families, you can make a difference for us.

So until our next posting my fellow faithful few, I urge to you take to a cause and help create a movement of hope and charity.  Continue to read on as I share our journey with the above mentioned events.  Life is what you make it, opportunites come and go; do not let one pass you by wishing you acted upon it.  I would like to say thanks to you all, and all that you do to make a difference in any way.  Keep on keeping on.


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