Seatbelts…who knew?!

So things have been going well.  Busy busy between summer activities, baby who thinks he can walk and do everything everyone else is doing…bumps, bruises, crashes…ohhh the fun!, two-year old who runs the world and is bossy, easily distracted 9-year-old and 11 year old sassy pants with diabetes. We recently went to a JDRF workshop for our Walk to Cure Diabetes team.  It was a lot of fun, we touched base on research (but it wasn’t anything new, the same research I am already following).  Did you know that JDRF is one of the TOP research foundations where they put their money where they say they will?  over 80% of all funds go DIRECTLY towards research.  The other funds help pay for employees, events, overhead, etc.  That is an amazing amount, and they have a lot of amazing research opportunities going right now that look promising.  Their mission is to cure, treat, prevent…and that is by far what we need.  First, yeah, give me a cure!!! but let’s not forget to help improve treatments to prolong health and life until there is a cure…and once a cure is found we sure need to make sure that not another diagnosis will come after the cure.  Did you know that over $80 million dollars were raised last year for the Walk to Cure Diabetes?  Did you know that over half of the were raised by ‘family’ walk teams just like us?  So if you think you, being one small person, can’t make a difference, you are wrong.  Every person, every penny, every though, act, share counts!!  I do it for my daughter and all my family and friends who have been affected by diabetes in some shape, form or fashion.

On our way home from the workshop (roughly 3 hours away from home) Kinzie’s pump infusion set got caught in her seatbelt and ripped it out of her arm…the kicker is she didn’t notice.  So the entire ride home, the seatbelt was getting her basal doses and not Kinzie.  YAY!! This means risk of DKA and an immediate rise in blood glucose…BAD!!! 😦   So as we are pulling into the driveway (Kinzie unbuckling) we hear a “Uh Oh!”.  Yeah, any mother’s heart sinks when she hears that…we instantly start fishing around in our minds for what bad news may follow such a phrase.  I jerk my head in her direction bracing myself for the news….

“Mom, my seatbelt has been getting my bolus!” yells Kinzie.

How rude really, since when do seatbelts steal basal rates?  You would think that life saving device would realize in order to save Kinzie’s life she kinda needs her basal dosages too!

Me: “Ugh! test now!” so for the entire trip home she was without her basal rate, so not good!!!

Kinzie: (can’t remember the exact numbers, but it was well over 300s) “3–” “and I didn’t even know my site was ripped out mom! I didn’t feel anything!” this is what happens when you have multiple injections/insets in certain areas…you are use to the trauma in the area and less sensitive.

Me: “why!!??”

So yeah, we are just that dramatic…can’t help it, it is in our genes.  We go inside and do a correction injection via syringe to immediately start to correct this number and prevent further rise, DKA, etc.  Then we had to place another infusion set…which by now, we are pros and it only takes a few seconds.  I would like to think I could do this probably blindfolded…but that just might be my ‘superhero D-mom’ illusion kicking in.

The night went smooth, extra checks, but we were able to beautifully correct her high and keep her within range all night.  It took extra work, but it is worth it…saving kidneys one check at a time!

So in a nutshell…buckle up, it’s the law…BUT …be sure that little bugger doesn’t tangle in your tubing if you are on an insulin pump and steal your bolus doses.  Another thing to add to our checklist: seatbelt, check… infusion site still intact, check!

After I shared that cautionary tale with you, I would like to ask something of you.  please visit and vote for Guardian Angel Service Dogs today! voting for this organization is only for today and every vote counts.  This is the organization we have used to help us raise funds to get Kinzie a D.A.D.  It will be so helpful to a well deserving organization and it will mean a lot to my little family and all the other families that work with GASD.  It takes a few seconds, you will click Guardian Angel Service Dogs and to the left is vote…once you click it will confirm you voted…and voila! you did a good deed today!!

Thanks for reading! Until next time…appreciate your seatbelt and all its quirks!



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