I read a beautiful blog posting today about acceptance you can read all about it here.  One phrase that just sang out to me in my current whirlwind of emotions was “acceptance is the fastest way to happiness”…how true is that?  It hit me, because I feel like that is what we are doing.  Instead of fighting, we are accepting and trying to find out where we fit and what our role is, as this is our life, this will be our normal forever.  Sometimes I think I could just sit there and fight and fight and fight the inevitable…but in the end all I am doing is fighting fate; a battle that I could never win. We have come to this point as a collective whole to “just let it be” and continue on. So very well said Meri, kudos to you! Just what I needed today!

Meri (author to the blog mentioned above “our diabetic life” is a mother to 3 T1D sons and her husband is currently in a battle with cancer.  She is strong, stoic, accepting and very much an inspiring blogger.


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