We got this!

So today I thought I ought to write a post.  My head is swirling with so many things coming up.  Elvis, Kinzie’s diabetic alert dog, is coming home in 17 days.  Thos alone has my mind buzzing continually, as we prepare and anxiously await his arrival.  Can I do the work it takes?  Can I learn to fully trust in this animal?  Will he survive the wrath of my babies?  Are we prepared?  How will our time management and obligations all work out together? …oh, the thoughts continue on and on.  We are so excited for this adventure, even though we know it is a huge commitment and a lot of hard work and takes complete dedication…in the end, I know WE GOT THIS!

As we face the delivery of our D.A.D, I can’t help  but focus on a date that sticks out…September, 22…That was our diagnosis date.  I am not sure how this date makes me feel.  On one hand I hate that this date will forever stick out to me on a calendar.  On the other hand I cannot help but feel empowered with all that has happened, all that has changed and all the trials, struggles, battles, triumphs, late nights, supplies, worries, concerns, education, appointments, lab draws, check-ups; I look over at Kinzie and see a strong, healthy, happy, adjusting, brilliant child.  And in that moment I know I have witnessed a miracle in itself.  She is here.  She is strong.  She is continuing on, and nothing has stopped  her yet.  She wants to dance, so she does.  She wants to swim, so she does.  She wants to play, so she does.  Anything she has set out to do, she does…it may not be easy, but we are able to make it so she does do these simple things.  She has yet not been able to do something.  Timing may not always be precise, it takes more to prepare, plans are adjusted and we are always finding better ways to go about things…but she does it all in some way.  I think it could be easy for her to just ignore diabetes, not take care of herself and just blend in…but she doesn’t.  She still stands tall and tries. She takes her blood glucose, even when she doesn’t want to; she sports her pump on her belt loop even when she wished she didn’t need it; she carries her quick sticks in her pocket, whipping them out whenever needed; and even educates people around her daily, when we all know she would rather not!  Today again, I must say, in the end, I know…WE GOT THIS!


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