Celebrate life. Video in honor of Kinzie’s 2nd ‘diaversary’

Facebook entry on Sept 21, 2012: Whether we signed up for this journey or not…the day has come again.  Tomorrow, September 22, is Kinzie’s anniversary (diaversary= her diagnosis anniversary).  You know what? We have come a long way! As much as I hate this disease, I am thankful for her diagnosis…because had her diagnosis been prolonged by even the smallest amount of time, she would not be here.  Simply put…I am so very thankful f…

or life and the gift of life…and everything that we have been given in this life. I wasn’t sure in the beginning if I could ever feel this way (and some days have been by far worse than others).  But in a sense it is refreshing to feel like we are far beyond where I ever thought we would land.  I wish this was an anniversary for different reasons; but today (well, tomorrow) is a day of celebration on many levels.  I celebrate my little family, our friends, our family and our community.  I celebrate each sun rise and sun set.  I celebrate every single breath we are granted and every single night I am able to wake up and check on Kinzie…I celebrate it all.  Sometimes it takes an act of war to open one’s eyes…and perhaps Type 1 Diabetes is that war for me. So in celebration of life and the simple gifts we forget we have been given and often overlook…celebrate with me.  In honor of Kinzie please share a comment celebrating the journey she and her siblings have been on and the way they have been determined to face it (or any wonderful thing about them). I would love to end our day as a family together reading the comments and remembering to be thankful every single day.  Much love sent to all of our family, friends, supporters and community.  Blessed are we, no matter how tested we may feel. I will be posting a video I made, please watch it and share in honor of Kinzie. ♥
Look here to see the video in honor of our second ‘diaversary’ and celebrate life with us!

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