Elvis…has entered the building (or house)

So I haven’t had time to even really sit down and write.  In fact, I have so much to say and not enough time to say it all so much of it must wait for another post.  We got Kinzie’s diabetic alert dog on Saturday, Sept. 29th.  We surprised Kinzie, as she thought she was getting him on Sunday.  It was a big surprise and a very amazing thing to witness when she first met her little life saver.

We had a week of intense training with our amazing trainer, and our first week couldn’t have been more perfect.  We are in complete awe of this little guy, the organization we are pairing with and we absolutely adore our trainer (she has such a pure heart, her passion is her job).  Our training week was crazy, busy, fun, eye-opening, hard work…oh, you name the emotion, I am sure we experienced it.  Kinzie just attached to her trainer right off the bat (which never happens…so we were all taken back by it).  We cannot wait until our next training session.

Elvis has been quite the super star around here…although he is a puppy and he will show us he is every once in a while, he is a true hard-working pup.  He loves to work and lives to please.  He has been spot on with alerts, and his obedience is great.  He is dedicated to his girl like no other, and already bonded to her.  Kinzie is so in love with her little watcher, she snuggles him, loves on him and works with him daily.  She is doing an amazing job.  The kids all love him, and he loves them.  He is already naturally alerting at night which wasn’t expected for months to a year…he has surpassed our expectations, as we knew we would have work to do alongside our trainer.  We couldn’t be more pleased.

To sum up our days since he has been in our home, all I can say is it has been inspiring.  It is a challenge that we are up for.  We are all completely amazed with Elvis’ capabilities and cannot wait to see what our future holds with him as he progresses.  I knew making this choice, it was the right one; but living this choice, it is the perfect one.  Kinzie and Elvis are the perfect match. I will share more on our journey…but for now I must attend to a little puppy alert. oh, how I love him!


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