Elvis the wonder-pup!!!

So I haven’t had the time I need to sit down and really blog.  I have so much going on and so many changes taking place that have been quite time consuming.  I had to write a little about our little life saver Elvis.  Of course we are all smitten by him and how well he is already doing his job.  Sometimes I feel like there is no way we are this lucky he is this spot on right off the bat.  This little guy came into our family at the right moment, with the right abilities knowing just what we needed.

I cannot really describe how I feel about distance alerts.  It is one of those ‘too good to be true’ feelings.  But I have read about so many instances where the dog continues to alert when their ‘person’ is a mile or so away.  These stories has always given me goosebumps just thinking about the possibilities…as I do believe that dogs are amazing creatures with amazing abilities to begin with.

Tonight, Elvis has started making me a believer.  The hubbs had to work late tonight, so I couldn’t take Elvis to dance to watch Kinzie (which we do every dance day).  I had to stay home with the pups and kiddos.  I drop Kinzie off at dance, and all is well; her numbers are great. Elvis was hanging out in the living room with Jared.  About 20 minutes in, Elvis starts alerting to Jared.  He is non-stop alerting to the point where it is annoying and he will not calm down.  So I take Elvis into the kitchen with me while I cook.  I put him in down and continued doing what I was doing. 

Elvis pops up and starts alerting to me persistently.  He is adamantly alerting to me that Kinzie wasn’t okay.  I thought there is no way on earth this could be happening.  I thought something else had to be going on.  I tried giving him a toy, drink, take him potty…nothing! So I ask him “Do we need to check Kinzie?”  He sits right in front of me staring me down and does this great big huge paw to my leg.  He was adamant that we needed to check.  I was in awe, trying to push this out of my mind.  I tried ignoring it for a bit, but it wouldn’t stop.

Against my better judgement I loaded the dog and kids into the car and drove to the dance studio (I couldn’t believe that I was doing this…what was I thinking? people are going to think I am crazy).  The studio is maybe a mile from our home, if that.  As we drove closer, his alerts continue and he becomes even more adamant. 

We go into the studio and I pull Kinzie out of dance class and take her into the waiting room to check.  As soon as Elvis sees her he alerts to her, being as persistent as ever.  So we reluctantly check.  She is in the 260s.  Good High Elvis! Good High!  I was in awe, cried a bit. 

We leave to go home and Elvis is relaxed and calm from that moment on.  He just chills until dance is out and Kinzie comes home.  It is unbelievable.

Coincidence? I have no clue.  Crazy? Absolutely!  I cannot believe what just happened tonight, I cannot wrap my mind around it.  All I know is what I saw.  I can never explain what happened and even do it a splinter of justice…but I am in awe.  Time will tell if this was indeed a miracle, which I think it may be.  All I know is Elvis is amazing in every single way possible.  He is working so hard, and loving his work.  He is a masterpiece in progress. Their bond is undenyable and completely amazing. He is so committed to his girl.   Image



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