Merry Christmas

Another Christmas has come, all too fast I might add.  Our little family is growing up quickly and our routines have changed to fit our daily needs. We have had a year to remember this year, some good times, some bad times, life changing times, and tender mercies.  If this was our year of ‘tests’ I would say we most definitely beat the odds on every test thrown our way.

Family is very important and means the world to me…but I wouldn’t have my little family if it weren’t for my Savior.  I know that I have all that I have and have witnessed all that I have because of the tender mercies my Savior has gently let me experience.  His love for me is so great, I know that I am never alone, no matter how lonely my path may get.  I know I do not remember to think about all the Savior has done for me when I get lost in our day-to-day happenings.

It’s all around, the Lords presence.  Miracles, blessings, tests, triumphs…just take a moment and look.  They may not be what we expect them to be, but if we look hard enough we will notice that these take place every single day.  Merry Christmas to all!


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