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Give Thanks…

I am reminded this morning why I feel so thankful and how much I stand in awe of every mother who has a child with very specific needs in order to live.  Sometimes I get complacent in our daily routine and schedule and forget to recognize the blessings and miracles that we are surrounded with daily.  Living our life, we tend to forget that even when life goes on, things are happening all around that we should stop and take notice.

We have had Elvis for over 3 months now…which feels like a lifetime.  He belongs here, we feel as though he has been in our home forever.  It feels normal to have him by our daughter’s side in all that she does.  In the car, out to eat, at dance, at church, at the physician’s office, during school…I don’t think we would remember how it felt before he came into our home (turning it upside down for the better).

I look at Elvis and I see God’s intentions with amazing creatures he has blessed us with combined with amazing talents and passion people are blessed with.  Elvis is a combination of them both, beautifully intertwined sent to us a the simple miracle I never knew I was praying about.  In my mind, a miracle constituted as a cure…never realizing a miracle can be many different things.  When you ask, you are answered; even in ways you never dreamed about.  I cannot help but start my day with a heart full of thanks and admiration.  Give thanks for the things we get complacent with.  Give thanks for the things we tend to over look, the things that are our ‘normal’ and the things we don’t even realize are blessings in disguise.  Type 1 Diabetes started out as a curse…and some days it weighs heavily on my heart; the curse it may be sure has brought many blessings into my life, allowed me to witness tender mercies and receive mighty miracles.  Give thanks…even when you think there is no thanks to give.  The secret to a great outcome is how you attack the challenges you are given.

I stand in amazement every day at his capabilities, I witness handfuls of alerts day and night, and it never gets old. My heart swells with every alert…but sometimes I don’t think I remember how much of a miracle he is for us because it seems as though he has always been with us.  As days go by, I tend to forget. I wanted to share with you my posting on our ‘Just a Girl and Her Dog; Journey into T1D with a D.A.D.” page:

“Loving our Elvis especially after a night like last night ♥. Went to bed around 10, she was 130s with 30% temp basal decrease for 4 hours…1145 I was waken up by a series of loud monstrous barks…Elvis. Go in her room and he is trembling and giving me “touch”. Without a doubt I knew she had to be going low fairly quickly… 79.  There is no way I would have even been checking her for several hou…rs, with a temp decrease and a solid nighttime number I would have never expected her to be low that soon, heck i didn’t expect her to go low at all! At the earliest I would have checked would have been at 2 a.m. Type  1 Diabetes has no reason or rhyme….it is sneaky and silent. Every single prayer I sent up to God about keeping my daughter safe as we fight this battle, came back down to me as an answer in this tiny (now big) amazing dog.  He was sent to our home as a great blessing…perhaps even the miracle I prayed about. I may have been praying for a miracle in the way of a cure or her being misdiagnosed and just had the flu…may not have been the miracle I pictured; but he is most definitely the miracle we need until a cure is found. No prayer goes unanswered, no fear goes uncomforted, no battle is fought alone…this is proof enough. How can I deny God when I witness what I do on a daily basis (even before Elvis came, we survived many moments by strong promptings and guidance). Give thanks everyday, for the simple things. Your child’s smile, their warm hug, the stories they get to share with you, their courage, their charity, their talents, their sweet spirit. Every single day truly is a gift; I am reminded that daily.”
You might think 79 sounds like an alright number, factor in the quick drop, the temp basal rate decrease and that she had been in bed for less than two hours.  And the fact that I never set my alarm clock, because he takes watch now.  Then factor in the part where this amazing creature had worked that entire day, never taking a break.  I stand in awe of God’s bigger picture.