Raising Funds for a Diabetic Alert Service Dog (D.A.D)

UPDATE: We truly feel as though we chose the wrong D.A.D. Organization and paid over 20k to train our own dog PROPERLY. I wouldn’t recommend them and if you are looking into a Service dog research all organizations, they shouldn’t cost 20k (especially without papers, a set training protocol, or verification of birthdate, parents of dog and temperament testing. Do your homework. Ask for all contractual agreements before you pay a penny to any organization. Search for successful working adult dog teams, look at success rate THAT CAN BE PROVEN not just lavish words and big promises a scammer throws at you. Ask tough questions, look at their track records with attorney general offices and better business bureau. Make the dream they are selling is what they are consistently delivering! Be cautious.  We finally are on the ‘active’ waiting list to receive a Diabetic Alert Service Dog (D.A.D) for Kinzie! We are working with Warren Retrievers and Guardian Angel Service Dogs and will be placed with a D.A.D shortly. This is one huge step for us…it can give Kinzie so much more independence, safety, security and help her stay healthy.  How blessed are we?! I cannot thank those who are standing behind us helping us make our goal enough! I made a video “A diabetic Alert Service Dog for Kinzie” and would like you to view it and pass it along to all those who you come across.

Kinzie in the emergency recieving treatment for diabetes...the day our life forever changed.  Even then she had a smile on her face.  She is our hero!

Kinzie in the emergency receiving treatment for diabetes…the day our life forever changed. Even then she had a smile on her face. She is our hero!

Her D.A.D will be her guardian angel and watch over her day and night.  It will be a part of our family forever.  Where Kinzie goes, it will go.  It will be trained to detect high and low blood glucose (both can be deadly undetected and cause irreversible damage).  It will be trained to even wake her at night for a high or low reading (detecting the climbs and falls even 40 minutes before meter and electronics…improving her overall blood glucose range). If she doesn’t awaken, it will alert anothe person in the house (if she is alone it will call 911).  It will be trained to retrieve her glucometer, glucagon kit (life saving medication in event of low blood glucose and she is becoming lethargic/unresponsive), and even dial 911 in case of emergency….and so much more!  It will offer us all a peace of mind during the night (one of the scariest and hardest parts of the day for any T1D parent), during driving years, sleep overs, sports, college years…the contributions are never-ending!

The costs of these dogs is high, but so worth any sacrifice we must make.  It is our daughter’s life the dog will be trained to save and enhance!  Any amount of money makes a difference ($1 makes a difference).  We are getting our diabetic alert dog through Guardian Angel Service Dogs a 501 (c) (3) charitable foundation. www.guardianangelservicedogs.org  after making a donation you will receive an email within 24 hours asking where you would like your funds to go.  You just reply with Kinzie Bruton or Bruton family D.A.D  This is the best site to recieve direct doantions, they are the non profit organization directly linked to Warren Retrievers. After we make our goal we can even continue to raise money for other families waiting to get a D.A.D (paying it forward) and upcoming costs for our dog to be put in our account.  I know we can make our goal and go even beyond it!

Please pass this along to all of your family, friends…anyone and everyone.

We thank you all for supporting us and joining us in this cause…we couldn’t do it without you. You are amazing.

from our family to yours, we appreciate your help. You will be a part of something so big for us, something that will forever change our lives. There are no words that could offer the gratitude we have and the love we share for each and every person who helps by donating, fundraising, passing our blog around, raising awareness. thank you, thank you, thank you!


2 thoughts on “Raising Funds for a Diabetic Alert Service Dog (D.A.D)

  1. My Granddaughter is four now – here is her story:
    Little Gracie was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on September 16, 2013 at the tender age of three years old, one week before her fourth birthday. She spent four days in the ICU department in the hospital to help get her blood sugar under control. Life has never been the same for her since then. She has been unable to go back to school, and her dad and I are constantly worrying about her well being and if she is okay while we try and make a living. Gracie’s doctor had suggested we get her a Diabetic Alert Dog that can be with Gracie at all times to ensure that her blood sugar is always in a good range because she is so young and may not be able to feel when her blood sugar is not in target. We all (Gracie, her dad Alex, and I) would be able to rest at night without the anxiety of a bottom out and be more comfortable with her at school and other social activities that she may not be able to do if she does not get this lifeline. Anything will be appreciated beyond words! Thank you!

    • I love that you are looking into this. I do not recommend the company with went with, I would HIGHLY recommend researching companies and asking for all contractual agreements BEFORE you give a penny to any organization. Paying more doesn’t mean getting better in many instances. I wish you all the success in the world on this journey!

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